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Fall 2014
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Rochester TechAge
1200 Edgewood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618
585-461-2000 x463

(Formerly Rochester SeniorNet Learning Center)

iPad Tuesdays!

Free iPad help at Rochester TechAge
Get help using your iPad on Tuesday Thursday and Friday from noon till 2pm. Bring it in to our computer learning center for free help.


Sign up for our free newsletter here.  We'll let you know about upcoming events!


Class prices start at $20 for iPad classes.  You will receive personalized instruction by other adults that are both helpful, and computer experts.  This is a rare combination!


Starting in September 2014, for TechAge recent students: Is your computer acting up? Our "Ask the Pro's" computer clinic will have sessions each Wednesday from 12P until 2P

The clinic is really a free technical clinic for students who have taken a course in the past year. Bring in your ailing computer (just the main processor, not the monitor/printer).  Or just come in to talk over technical topics with our knowledgeable personnel.  Our pros solve most problems while you wait.

The "pros" take a summer break in July and August.

Judy welcomes TechAge  students to our computer training classes

TechAge Adult Computer Learning Center
    - over 14 years in helping adults master the computer, iPad, and technology.

Computer classes for adults, taught by adults.
Plus, free open computer labs noon to 2pm most weekdays.

Sign up now for December's enjoyable classes!  Interested in 2015's classes?  Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll let you know as soon as they are available.

iPad courses for adults See the schedule for our December 2014 Courses, including new Windows 8 and iPad courses!  Details here.  


iOS8 logo Apple has released iOS8.  Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll let you know what's new about it.

Windows 8 training at TechAge

Call, and talk over what you might enjoy the most.  Plus, ask about our new Friends and Family Discount. Take a class with a friend or family member and get $10 off your class.

Do you feel left behind behind by the technical and internet revolution? With our easy training, you can:

  • organize, clean-up and send digital photos
  • prepare for volunteer assignments or jobs
  • keep your computer and iPad running smoothly
  • exchange email with your friends, children and grandchildren.
  • write letters and learn how the computer can save time.
  • find loads of information and entertainment on the web

Do you know what others mean when they talk about "Googling?  We will not only tell you what they mean, we'll have you Googling, too!

Norma Holland of WHAM interviews TechAge team members Joel Elias and Marie DiLima about why TechAge is such an enjoyable place to learn.

Why TechAge?  We are truly unique.  We are geared to help adults easily learn the computer.  How?  all instructors are also adults, so we know what works:

  • small classes - ten or fewer students
  • individual instruction by other adults
  • user friendly equipment, employing the latest Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 operating systems
  • ongoing help during our free open lab sessions

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What courses do we offer?

Windows classes

  • Intro to Computers Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Basics
  • Take Control of Windows 8
  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Microsoft Word 2007/2010
  • File Management
  • Passwords Made Easy
  • Take Control of Windows 8
  • Advanced Digital Photography
  • Microsoft Excel 2007/2010
  • Genealogy Basics

iPad classes - very popular - book early!

Gain confidence and get more comfortable using your iPad. Learn basic operations, join a wireless network, use the onscreen keyboard and more. You will also access the "App Store" and learn how to find, install, and manage "apps" on your iPad.

This two-lesson course helps you integrate your iPad into your daily life, get organized, manage your contacts, calendar, to-do lists and more. "Stay in Touch" with family and friends with the iPad's Mail app and make video calls with the FaceTime app.
Prerequisite: "Using your iPad - Intro" course.

This single lesson course introduces you to many of the features included in Safari, Apple's standard web browser app. Learn how to search for and navigate to web sites, manage multiple tabs, bookmarks and much more.
Prerequisite: "Using your iPad - Intro" course.

This two-lesson course teaches you the many ways to be entertained using the iPad. Entertainment media such as books, music, movies and more will be explored.
Prerequisite: "Using your iPad - Intro" course.

This two lesson course teaches you how to take pictures and videos with your iPad using the features of the standard camera app. You will learn how to manage your photos and edit them with easy to use standard as well as downloadable free apps.

See complete course descriptions, schedules, and prices here.

Who are we?   We are a group of dedicated volunteers interested in passing on our computer skills to senior citizens 45 years old and older. There are many perks in volunteering, including meeting great people.  You do not need to be a computer whiz to volunteer.  Click here to download a volunteer application in PDF format.

Where are classes held?   TechAge Courses are at the JCCClasses are held in the TechAge Learning Center located at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester,  1200 Edgewood Avenue in Rochester. Directions. The classroom has ten high-performance computers, with the bright and clear new LCD displays.  There is one computer for each student. Our computers use both the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, depending on the course.  We do not teach the Macintosh computer. However, sign up for our newsletter and learn about special iPad classes.

TechAge instructors are skilled at helping other seniors master the computer.When are classes scheduled?   Each course normally meets for two hours, once per week, in the morning, afternoon or evening.  For the day-by-day schedule of activities at the Learning Center see the course schedules.  

How much do classes cost?   Class prices range from $20 to $89. No other membership is required to take classes. 

How can you get more information?   
      Call us at 585-461-2000 ext. 463 to request a brochure, be added to our mailing list, or get further information.
      Or, write us at:
            TechAge Adult Computer Learning Center of Rochester at the JCC
            Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester
            1200 Edgewood Avenue
            Rochester, NY 14618

Or, go to our Contact TechAge page, and complete the simple form.

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